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Points totals as of 09-22-07

1. Culprit 510pts
2. #1Cubsfan 430pts
3. Augy 410pts
4. Clancy Wiggums 330pts
5. Islandfisher 325pts
6. toothdoc 310pts
7. Basscaster 305pts
8. JasonN 300pts
9. FishinMatt 295pts
10. John 225pts
11 Big Al 175pts
12. Twoglasseyes 140pts
13. Bassman for life 100pts

This is 'The Final Chance' at Deep and not many are going to challenge the Master!!!!!!!!!!

Culprit, 3/5, Bulls Eye Boy gets a chance to wided his lead in the final Deep Lake event for 2007. A win Saturday should lock down the WCTT AOY 2007.

Tony, 2:1 , Wishing and praying "The DL Master" falters to closes the gap but will it be enough going into the final rounds at the WWD?

Islandfisher , 5:1 , Pulled down many a big fish this year at Deep still a threat to mess up the leader board

Mike , 8:1 , No qualifiers in last 3. He should just follow Culprit around all day and take notes for 2008.....

Bassman4life/Wife , 10:1 , This lovely couple will enjoy a nice fall
...."Day On the Lake'

Good Luck to all !!!

Anyone else going?/?/????

Disclaimer Section: Odds and comments are for "fun" and are not for wagering, and as always are not intended to reflective fishing talent or other "stuff". OK !!!

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Will this be on a Sunday ? I might be able to pull some strings, i'll unfortunately have to go with deeps motor as I've Replaced mine with a better one and not getting it until Later November. i need To be on this lake once to take notes for 2008 Season Since i plan on being to everyone wwd Isn't as appealing anymore because everyone will aim there in the winter that place has been named on every forum I've been on. Sunday i might be able to go 90% with a partner Saturday a no go.

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no way Dean your a lock :wink: ......with the wife in the boat :roll: you "BETTER WIN DAM YOU" u draged me out her at 5:00am U better win you no good !!$%^&* fishing fool only won 1 tourny this year... good for nuthin @#%^&* ...we could have had a nice trout dinner ya [email protected]#$%^&*

j/k..Dean..good luck !!! No realy ...good luck :wink:
U have the most "incentive" to do well Saturday

Disclaimer Section: Odds and comments are for "fun" and are not for wagering, or upsetting anyone or their wife(s)...OK !!!
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