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weekend in review 6-21,6-22

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well I play baseball and I played in the triton tournament with my team and we had 2 games on Saturday. During break I went to opera from 1130 to 145 or so. Within 3 casts bam and nice bass hits my crank but I never saw it even after a 30 second battle. Then I got nada the rest of the day. Did see a jerk snag a mammoth bass which had to be 5+ pounds. I made him throw it back cause I told him I would tell the owner so he threw it back. There was a school of about 5 bass and he snagged one of em right in front of some weeds. Then I went to my ball game and we beat the tinley park heat in baseball. 6-22. After finding out we were the number 1 seed in the tourament we played at 10am. We ended up beating tritons very own freshman baseball team. And our whole team is built with high school seniors!!!! We played at 3 again and beat the cocky Lombard lighting. We won the tournament. I went to opera after and had decent success. Got there just before the clouds came in and it got dark but I got fish. 2 14 inchers on 2 consecutive casts. Then nothing again till about 7 cause I went onto the golf course side. I lost which what looked to be like a nice 17 inch bass due to poor hookset. But I did find another 3 nice cranks. One of em I found and I need to refurbish it. One I got in a bunch of seaweed I pulled up, it was a Excalibur crank. The last one is nice. Brand new almost, I think it says bill dance on it??? But its a nice white shad.
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