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Fishing this weekend with James, John and of coarse myself, Was to say the Least BEAUTIFUL All The fall colors in Full bloom Along the shoreline of an even More Scenic body of water. We Caught Pike, Bass, Crappie, Carp And a few MC Donalds Drive through windows.. ha..ha.. But it was fun. Day 1 We Fished for Bass And carp along the Chicago River System. Day 2 We hit both the Des plains and Chicago river For Pike, And Crappie. And Day 3 we spent on the Des plains With it's scenic surroundings and peaceful Habitats.

The Slide Show will Speak for itself.. A Picture is worth a thousand words.

George Watford

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Haha, Yea I saw this yesterday before you posted it... :lol:

I saw you uploaded a new vid when I signed into my youtube account and had to check it out.


Ozzy truly is amazing, Last time I saw him was at ozzfest in 05 and he actually played Paranoid from his old band Black Sabbath 8)

You sure do love that River!!! :D
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