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Weening away from Live Baits.....

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I want to start weening myself out oflive baits..any baits that you reccomend..I basically fish Largemouth and Catfish...and some Drums here and there...But any suggestions..?
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for LMB use crank baits =) they love em, get the smaller ones though.
for cats i suggest using Stink Bait. Put the on your hook. Your gonna have to mold it on there or else it will fall off. Just roll it with your hands. The worst part about this bait is its smell. It smells horrible your hans smell bad for a week. But ne ways, put it on a slip bobber with a weight on. Ive caught over 100 cats this summer on this stuff. (No lie) Here what the kind i use looks like. My favorite flavor is chicken blood. and chicken gizzard.

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As the water cools getting away from live baits for LMB might not be a good idea..... I pretty much use crankbaits of some sort (4-6 ft. or lipless) from now until next May
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