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West Branch treasure hunting :)

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Decided to head out to West Branch today, even though fishing is still closed until November 3rd. Of course, brought the kayak, and went looking for lures/bobbers in the trees. I made out pretty well. :lol:

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Nice. The way i see it, you got a crank, a spinnerbait, and a couple frogs(why are there always so many frog lures in the trees in the fp???). Collecting all those bobbers was a good service to the waterway! :D :D I always make a point to pull in broken lines lines i get caught on. Couldnt hurt. Unless you pull too hard bare handed. :oops:
At West Branch, there is a huge patch of lily pads, that's where I found the frogs. To be honest, I've lost a few frogs there too.
prince o pike said:
west branch of what???
That is the name of the forest preserve. West Branch Forest Preserve. It's a Dupage County FP.
Nice haul, .steve.

I once "caught" a nice crankbait out of the Northshore channel and that bait landed me several fish for the next YEAR before I "donated" it to Lake Michigan.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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