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WET 4/19 Report

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Just returned from a 2.5 hour outing looking for some 'eyes. I'm just now getting the feeling back in my fingers... man was it wet & cold!

Finished the day with 6 and lost many more, especially towards the end of the outing as I could hardly feel my hands. One fish was 8-9", 4 were 12"-13", and one was a beauty at 17.5". Only managed one crappy pic of the average size due to the sideways rain. All came on an orange jig & 2" GULP jigging grub (pearl white color). Had some fatheads with me but kept losing 'em when I'd get caught on the zebra mussles, so I just tossed the jig & GULP and it paid off. Didn't see anyone else having any luck but and old-timer I gave my minnows to when leaving said he got a few crappie earlier in the day. Until my clothes dry & fingers thaw, good fishing.


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Any idea of water temps? I am planning on hitting the fox later this week when I get back from Texas :D
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