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what color lens do you have

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Ok so after augy highly suggested that i get myself some polarized sunglass i did alil research and i see that diff. color lens are good for diff. times and have diff. purposes so i'm asking for alil input be4 i go and buy myself a pair what works well for you?
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oh yeah is there a point where i would be spending just too much money when something for less money would be just as good or is there a point where i should worry bc its just too cheap to be any good?
I bought a pair of clip on polarized sunglasses (I wear glasses) from Target for about $8 or $9. Not sure what color they are. Brown? :? They work fine for me. I've noticed that they work better when I'm wearing a cap that provides extra shade.
just check out dick's, they have a large selection and many in the less expensive and downright cheap range. And actually, I think if they're polarized, no matter how little you spend, they'll make a marked difference. Honestly, I wouldn"t sped any serious coin on these> drop them a few times and you"ll appreciate the money you havent spent
I was actually looking for a new pair of polarized sunglasses too the past few weeks. I actually found a huge selection at Bass Pro Shops in Gurnee, If you're not too far I'd say go there and check em out and try them on. You might even be able to get some input from an employee, b/c I know that there are specific color lenses for different water conditions. I ended up not buying a pair b/c I used up my money on lures lol, but most of them ones I were looking were about 16.99-20.00, but they have much nicer/fancier ones in the cases if you're interested in those.
Oh yeah, but I forgot to mention that a few of my fishing buds just pick up random polarized sunglasses from gas stations or Walgreens and they work just fine too.. but it seemed like you wanted a decent pair b/c u were doing all the researching and stuff.
I wear mine even when not fishing. I don't step out in the sun without em. If your getting a pair just for fishing, get the cheap stuff, but not too cheap cause they aren't true polarized lens. But if you plan on wearing them all the time like me, then spend a little more for quality and comfort. As far as color, I'd say just go with the standard dark grey. Good all around. Besides, when it's low light, you can't really see thru the water anyway. You want to protect your eyes from harmful uv and seeing thru the water is just a bonus. :wink:
Thanks guy i will prob get some for like 40 or 50 bucks
I got the strike king ones at dicks for like 16 bucks. I always wear them and like them. I have only seen them in grey tho.
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