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What has worked for you at Busse?

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Besides senkos, what has worked for you guys at Busse? The only lure I've had multiple strikes on is a chartrouse frog, but it's tough to hook em.
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chartreuse,chartreuse n white spinnerbaits with gold blades colorado.
The only fish i've caught there, a small blue gill, was on a chartruese minnow grub on a jighead. I think Jason has had good luck with minnow tipped jigs, also leech tipped jigs over near the dam and warm water inlet....
oh ya and ofcourse rebel pop r`s lol
Haven`t used live bait in 15 yrs never seen a use for it except for panfish.
After seeing the success you've had with the pop'r, I went out and bought a couple. I had a hit and man is it cool seeing the bass take it. It did spit it out cause I tried to set the hook too fast, but I didn't even care because of show the bass put on. I've heard the hookup is better if you add a bigger link on the rear teble.
Pop-r's are a great choice. I've also had luck at Busse with Rapala Shad Raps and Slug-go's.
Shallow Shad Raps work well for me, with eyes and bass. Perch seems to produce pretty well.
Are the Shad Raps basically crankbaits or is there a difference?
I like the Jointed Shad Raps a little better. ... salt=Fresh
baby -1 firetiger works great for me there. they run so shallow its great for skimming over top of the weeds.
Top Water bait's and Plastics have worked for me there
Thanks for the help guys. I fished Busse yesterday for a little bit by the main dam. Didn't catch anything near the fishing wall, so I moved down toward the bridge and started hitting areas around downed trees and grassy areas. I caught a pair of small LM and a stuborn frog who snagged the same Yum Dinger 3 times. Apparently, whatever they put in those things really attracts frogs. My brother had the same problem at Schiller Pond with a frog. If anyone has small kids the fishing wall looks like a great place for bluegill. An older lady next to me caught like 5 in 15 mins and a small bullhead. I've been looking to expand the variety of hard baits in the tackle box and now I have an idea of what I'm going to buy.
I've taken the senior citizens from the nursing home I work at to Busse and fish that same fishing wall. We have caught walleye, bass and catfish there, as well as panfish.

Try tossing a jointed shad-rap under the main dam, i've had luck with bass there.
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