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what I bought today

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I ordered all this stuff today off of the Bass Pro website...anyone ever had good luck with these things?

1.) 2'' weedless jitterbugs-black
2.) F11 Floating Rapala-silver
3.) 3 1/4'' Mann's 1-Minus Crankbait-wild shiner color
4.) 3/8 oz Lunker Lure Buzzbait-white/silver
5.) Bagley Original Balsa B-shad color
6.) Uncle Josh Pork Baits (trailers)
7.) Rebel Pop-R-silver/black
8.) Heddon Teeny Torpedo-bullfrog color
9.) 3'' 1/4 oz Storm Wildeye Live Shiner (I can't wait to try this out)
10.) 1/4 oz Johnson Original Silver Minnow Spoon-silver (for use with #6)
11.) 10 lb. test Berkley Trilene Big Game (for use with kings)

How's this list look?
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I`ve used rebel pop r`s many times with great succes
torpedoes too ,but I think the teeny 1 is just too small.
uncle josh pork trailers I`ve used but with jigs
buzzbaits I`ve used ,everything else I have no clue about.
oops floating rapalas and jitterbugs I`ve used but not the weedless ones

what r weedless jitterbugs ?
I have no clue, but...they do look cool.
I have had luck with regular Jitterbugs, but have never tried the weedless variety. Also the Rebel Pop-R is an excellent topwater. Floating rapalas are a staple in my tackle box as are the silver minnows. I also have the Heddon torpedo, but have yet to catch anything on it.
what? no senkos

Even on a bad day (had a few lately)at deep lake / Axe head the only hits were on senoks. This bait just flat out cathes fish... Hits on top water were all on frogs(but I do love the jitter bugs) It's my go to bait at dusk or before sunrise.
You know what phil, I picked up most of those lures from Bass Pro on saturday afternoon. Have no clue whether most of those are good, but they are all on the top 50 greatest lures list, so I am sure they won't be too disappointing.
edai2000 said:
...but they are all on the top 50 greatest lures list, so I am sure they won't be too disappointing.
That's where I picked them
I've had a lot of luck with 2, 3, 7, and 8.

The Mann's 1-Minus Crankbait is one of my favorite crankbaits to use, I'm thinkin that the 3 and 1/4" size is the mid-size? Try using the "Baby-1-Minus" its smaller and probably more appropriate for Illinois lakes. I've had luck on the mid-size though -- These crankbaits are so great because they only dive probably 6" (depends on ur line diameter) and they wobble side to side like crazy.
I had a problem with the weedless jitterbugs flipping over on me, so I just use the regular ones.
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