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"What is Turnover"?

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I get asked this question alot. A lake in not just a big pit of water. It is a working/living environment that goes through many changes. One of the most common changes is when a lake "turns over". In a nutshell, a lake has different "levels" of temperature. This coincides with oxygen levels. When the seasons change (Spring and Autumn), these levels mix up and change places. Surface water cools and sinks in the Autumn which is the main "turnover" people speak of.

This DOES greatly affect fishing.

Check out this article for more detail...
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Nice addition Jason! I'd be interested in hearing our members experience when fishing during turnover and suggestions on how to.

Augy 8)
Great additions to the site Jay. Due to your Skenko bit I went out and tried them this afternoon. No results but I began the learning curve. I think the near skunk-out today on the 'honey-hole' private lake may in fact be a result of turnover and just a bad day to fish. Although this lake is rather shallow (max depth maybe 15', average around 8-10') I do think we saw the effects of turnover happening as a result of the final onset of colder weather, thus the turnover of the lake happening. Not much else could explain the dramatic change in bite, or lack thereof, we have seen over the past three weeks or so. Today, for the first time, we tried all depths with live bait and plastics with no sign of life until almost dark. Then we found a spot and pulled in maybe five Bass between the two of us, none of them of notable size.

Yesterday my wife and I went to Pierce Lake in Rock Cut State Park and the Kishwaukee river in Belvedere with nary a bite to be had. Just FYI......
How to fish a lake in turnover:

1) Go to a different lake.
2) If 2nd lake is in turnover, buy a nose plug (it smells bad!!)
3) If you are fishing for food go to the store and buy some.

There may be another way to do it, but thats a good rule of thumb to start off with.
Topwater said:
lol. I know it's a typo Tim, but i think you just created a new term for being skunked when using senkos. "yeah man, i got the big skenko".
Ha, :lol: I didn't see that until just now! Skenko'd on a senko. Doubt Gary Y would buy that one! Although my first outing with the Senko was a skunk I will learn the bait and am sure I'll have more success in the future. Maybe even a Bass like your Skokie monster, good going there!!!
i came upon this topic a few days ago.. And DEcide to try to exlain it the easiest way possible... Pictures included

perch Guy
Chciago il.

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