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What is your favorite lure?

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I'm just wondering what you guys like to fish with or what has worked the best for you. Do you like to fish crankbaits, spinners, topwater, or plastics? If so what lure is your favorite? Thanks. :) :?:
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i love plastics, but im also a big fan of topwater. somethin about that explosion on the water as the bass hammers my lure is just not achieved by many other baits. i enjoy throwin my buzz baits and spinner baits quite a bit as well. favorite... has to be topwater
I like topwater lures. There is nothing like seeing a fish come up & hammer your lure. I get so excited I have to control myself or else I'll pull the lure away from the fish before he has it in his mouth.

I love the Zara Spook Jr. I can cast it along way & it walks the dog great.
I have caught more fish on that lure than anything else.

Another favorite is the Rapala X-Rap slash bait. I have it in purple & olive green. I have caught walleye & bass on both colors.

I haven't even gotten to spinner baits & buzz baits, but I have to go.
I really fish a lot of different things, so picking a favorite is hard. I guess if I would have to pick a favorite it would have to be plastics.
I usually fish at Kankakee river and my favorite lures are 4 or 5" Yamamoto skirted double tail or Yum crawbug. I've heard good success on crankbaits at the river but not for me...
whichever one has a 48" pike on the other end! :p
Rebel Pop R
I started concentrating on artificials 7 years ago. Was a live bait fisherman forever. Since that time i've discovered SO many productive lures for different conditions.

I would have to say that the most versatile lure and most productive lure has been the Senko.

Texas-rigged plastic worms have traditionally been the most successful lures for bass fishermen for years. The Senko, I believe, takes this approach to ne heights in it's simplicity to work for both the professional angler and the novice angler.

And I also LOVE the Rapala Husky Jerk. Sure, the X-Raps are the new craze, but the Husky Jerk has landed me several species of fish on many waters.
For all around excitement, a half ounce buzzbait. Seeing a bass or pike crush it on top never seems to get old.
1. spinnerbiat
2. floating rapala
3. x-rap
1 Jitter Bug
2 Senko
4 Slugo
5 Husky Jerk

Wow.... if you don't catch a fish with one of fell a sleep in the boat !!!!!!
I have only been fishing now for about a month and a half so my experience has been limited, but here is what has worked for me in order of effectiveness:

1. Senko
2. Spinnerbait
3. 3x Slugo

I hope to get more familiar with crankbaits and topwaters as the summer goes on so hopefully I can add those to the list sooner than later.
1) Zoom Baby Brush Hog or Super Hog (Green Pumpkin, texas-rigged with bullet weight)
2) Senko or Mann's Hardnose free-fall
3) Lunker City Fin-S Shad

lol, I guess plastics all around with me! :)

My favorite topwater would have to be a Storm Rattlin' Chug Bug, and favorite Crankbaits are Bomber 2A's both in a baby bass color or crawfish pattern.
If I had to pick one it would be the 1)spinnerbait very versatile

honorable mentions:
2) shad raps
3) xraps
4) yum dingers
5) jitterbug
assuming a variety of species:

1) senko - still end up throwing it when all else fails - its idiot proof so is well suited to me
2) spinner - inline and the other one i don't know what to call it
3) spoons
4) newly added x-rap 10
5) jig head
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