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What to do to Augy

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How to hurt Augy for catching too many trout?
Make him spread Power Bait on his sandwich?250.00%
Tell him Beck Lake is stocked with trout next weekend?00.00%
Call DNR about his "illegal" trout stamp?00.00%
Get him drunk and play "Brokeback Mountain" spin the bottle?250.00%
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Ok... Augy is having too much success catching those damned trout. Something is not right. He needs his ass kicked!

So... let's vote. How should we punish Augy?
we should all get together this weekend so maybe a little of that trout magic can rub off onto us or you can show us your masterful technique. Congrats on the great trout you reeled in. 8)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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