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What would u like to have for next years fishing season ?

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1. New boat
2.AQUA-VU underwater camera
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1. bow mount troller
2. outboard
3. aqua view

I am just going to tell everybody to give me gift certificates to BPS and Cabelas this xmas
those aqua-vu`s r too cool !
I've got to get a boat. I'm thinking kayak to get a little exercise. I've put on a bunch of weight lately.
Nothing really big- probably just some bigger tackle for my Canada trip next year, since I've never really fished for Northerns before.
Augy said:
more luck!
What Augy said!
A trip to Fork Lake in Texas :lol: Get some huge bass
phil said:
a $1300 reel would be nice :lol:
Only if it was a baitcaster lol
For starters..
Decent ice in Illinois.
Last year it left in late December, to return in late January..

Let it form later and STAY...
Wish list...

-7' 6" H Fast or Xfast action; Flipping Stick with a Shimano Curado or Citica reel
-7' MH Xfast action Pitching Rod
-6' 10 MH fast action Spinnerbait Rd + Abu Garcia 5500 C3 reel

and hundreds of dollars of lures.........

"Need" to stock up on jigs for the cold weather fishing, and more crankbaits for when it gets warm again... (Esp. Manns Baby 1-minuses, Bandit 100's, and Bomber 2A crankbaits)... just don't have the $ boo....
Tim, are you sure that you don't already have all of that stuff. You've got a pretty impressive collection of tackle and equipment! :D
I have to go with the Aqua-View. I hate marking fish and not knowing what they are sometimes.
I think I might head out fishing for the first time on a real fishing boat this afternoon, need to learn how to use the depth finder and fish finder and stuff.. sounds really interesting. That Aqua-view thing sounds crazy too. :D

lol, toothdoc I don't think I'll ever have as much fishing stuff as I want until I own bass pro shops......
The Penfisherman :lol:
Tim, that's my goal too! I've got quite a ways to go still though. :(
Maybe a new toy this year??

Last year I took some cool DV icefishing using my handheld DV recorder, wired as the Aqua output.

Without the aquaview, you miss a lot by just watching the sonar.
More fish than you know are just staring at the baits....

With more than enough crap to drag out on the ice, I need a smaller DV recording unit. (OK too much stuff already..)

Wish there was one to to attach directly to my small digital camera, but it has no input for movies, only output.

Naturevision has one, and its not too pricey.
Its rigged inline with the sensor and screen,
saves 15 minutes of video or images and is card ready.
Not sure how video dump works...?? ... d_held.jpg

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How do you like the Aquaview?
toothdoc said:
How do you like the Aquaview?
I had the 60DS (?), sold it then bought the Scout.

I liked the bigger screen on the scout.

For clearer water, sight fishing beats all.
You can actually time the bite almost before you feel it.

Plus in the screen, you can see how they are biting.
You'd be surprised of the fish that take your bait,
and spit it out without you knowing...

Click your fingers, its that fast.

Watching them, you see they hold inches away before biting.
On the sonar, the colored line only shows them close.
You know they are there, but that last 6 inches does it by video.

Coudy water, or muddy visibility, stick with the lowrance sonar.
(Or vex by your choice).

I use both, camera and sonar.
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