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Jungle Jim ??

Jim Kachel?

**********.com ?

Did he end up pissing off the entire world?

I've noticed how it has been tremendously peaceful everywhere without his presence nor antics. :lol:

Sorry, some of you windycity NOOBs probably have never heard of the guy, nor am I looking to start up a war here. If you fee it is necessary, please delete this post.

I'm sure that maybe 75% of the membership here has some horror stories about him.

But ya, in all seriousness! This is an honest question. :lol:

This could be a good topic worth discussing if we keep it on a positive note.

I came across google and found this, BTW..... ... e-jim.html

Amazing what the internet can do these days....

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Don't get me started .............................................................................. Let's just say that he has made a few enemies out there and leave it at that.

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First let me state a couple of things...

The "Jungle Jim" Andrew is referring to is not the same Jungle Jim who posts on this site. The WCF Jungle Jim is a valued member of the community here.

I do not really mention the other sites here out of courtesy to their owners and the fine work they do - and i'm being totally sincere in saying that.

I'm not deleting the post Andrew, because it IS a valid question. I'm sure people would wonder about the other 2 big sites as well if they suddenly took a hiatus as A101 has.

I really don't want to get into a public discussion here about A101's owner or anything like that. He had a very nice site with some great info. I personally never had any correspondence with him so I cannot judge him.

Again, no problem with the post asking the question. But if it gets funky I might have to reconsider. If anyone wants to discuss it, please do so via private messaging.

That being said... we still have good ole WCF, and even other internet outlets to quench our thirst for quality Chicago area fishing information!


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I could tell a few horror stories as well, but will respect Jason's wishes. To answer Andrew's actual question, the new site is supposed to be back up soon, but I have been hearing that for about 3 months now, so we shall see. I will agree with Andrew's assesment that things seem to be better off.
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