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I'm learning...

Most times I would "fish big" with a rattletrap skimming the weeds. Sometimes I would toss out a surface popper because I've caught fish on that. Basically "favorite lure" syndrome.

Then I'd revert to old ways and fish a Cubby Mini mite with a jigfly using waxworms and small earthworms. Sure enough, I'd catch panfish and the occasional bass that was feeding.

But now I'm learning how to at least think about choosing good spots, eliminating the spot with a search lure, and fishing for active fish.

From now on, if I approach a weedline my first lure won't be live bait or a rattletrap.

So here's the question: What lures do you use as search lures to find active bass? I'm especially interested in search lures that can co-exist in weedy waters because that's what I face at my learning lab known as Deep Lake.

So what is your favorite search lure that you can fish with rapidly among the weeds searching for active fish?

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