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Wheaton FP

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My cousins and I hit up a small Wheaton FP this morning. We had tried it once earlier in the year and had very good success. Things started out slow and I broke the skunk with a 12'' on a Yum Dinger. As some scattered clouds started to pass the fishing picked up and we ended up with 14 bass in a few hours. For probably the first time time this year, I was outfished!!!! :p Ben led the way with 9, I nabbed 4, and Chris got 1. Chris is supposed to send me the pictures, but maybe he got mad because he only got 1 :lol: The fish were holding in about 6 feet of water right off the weed edge, and the bait had to be deadsticked for a decent amount of time to get them to pick it up. I think these cooler nights are going to start turning the fish back on a little bit more :wink:
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The nice thing about Yum Dingers/Senko's, is that they are very productive on FP waters. With mostly bucketheads and goofs tossing all sorts of bad baits/lures on FP waters, the fish get used to that and basically laugh and swim away. Senko's and the immitations offer a fantastic finesse presention that, when fished right, really produce some good forest preserve fish.
Thanks for the report Matt. I have to agree with what Jason said about Senkos being a great bait. Now that the nights are cooler the fish will respond even better to them.
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