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Where can you use Inflatable Boats?

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where can you use inflatable boats/rafts whatever they are called? and do you have to have them registered if so how? prices?
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you will not find many lakes/rivers that allow inflatables. not on any of the preserve lakes and i think all of the state parks. inflatables do not need to be registered tho. my canoe registration was i think $13 for 3 year registration.
I think rivers are cool, at least outside of the city of Chicago. But I could be wrong.
yeah thats cool bc i don't think i'll be useing an inflatable on the Chicago River anytime soon could you just think of what it will be like if you fell in the chicago river EEEEEWWWWW i was thinking maybe useing one on skokie lagoons or the DesPlains River (still nasty but not as bad as chicago river) but i guess the skokie lagoons don't allow it?
i would get a canoe but i have a tiny car
I don't think any of the lakes around here allow it, what with all the debris that gets in the water, etc. The Des Plaines river is kinda nasty too but mostly just muddy and mucky. I don't know that I've seen posted restrictions anywhere, but you could check at a canoe launch near milwaukee and river road, or up near the dams in wheeling. unfortunately, inflatables also includes things like tubes and such, and probably another reason for the restrictions.
its too bad i have seen a guy use one at beck lake be4 i helped push off and asked if he had to register the thing he said he had no idea too bad i think it would be cool to be able to flot around in my eyes its just not worth the risk of getting ticketed thanks for the info guys
doesn't matter the size of the car. i carried around my 15' canoe on my two door honda civic. they can fit on a mini cooper! to my surprise they are very secure up on the roof. your probe should handle it no problem. roof carrying kits are around $20.
thats for the info augy, augy is there any WCF outing comming up?
None of the Cook County Forest Preserve Lakes allow inflatables including the DesPlaines which is under the jurisdiction of the CCFPD. Had I realized this BEFORE I purchased my Sevylor Fish Hunter inflatable, I might not have bought it. I got caught once at Busse on a busy Saturday, but never at Beck or Skokie Lagoons. Still, "breaking the law" is not cool, nor is it fun trying to enjoy a couple of hours on the water and having to worry about being "busted".

The Fox River would be no problem, except you don't really need a boat as you can wade most areas.
Thanks Jason, as i was typing the post i knew you would be the one to answer this one thanks again guys i wont waste my money
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