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Wherefore 'art thou Northern Pike?

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Where can I find (AND likely catch) N. Pike around the Northwest suburbs? Preferably within Cook County but willing to go as far as Chain-O-Lakes. Does the Des Plaines River actually hold them? If so wherabouts might I have a chance at 'em. I catch-and-release everything (except possibly Walleye :D ) so I won't ruin a good thing. Lures that have worked around here? Up North (NW WI) spoons are the stock and trade for Pike. Same here?
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Look no further my friend, they are in Beck!!!! That's right, my first catch at Beck was a mean toothy pike believe it or not. Ever see Castaway? The scene where Tom Hanks builds a fire. Picture me doing the same routine, "I...I caught a Northern Pike"...and dancing around like a fool. :lol:

She was about 20 inches and I'll never forget it. She's in there cause I gladly released her to catch another day. I sure hope no bastard caught and kept her. I'll be pissed! I landed her on a j-5 about 100' north of the launch right at dusk. I believe they hang out in the 20' holes.
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