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George W said:
Depends how many fish are coming in. It's Give or take really maybe just hitting it right in the middle, You'll see the brown salmon swimming around, you'll see the dead salmon but then again in the mix of it all you'll still see beautiful Silver salmon caught. This week is when we'll get are real answer with the great weather were having, But then again with all the Big bass moving shallow and feeding on shad very aggressively i have time before i hit some more salmon I have caught one at Belmont about a week ago. But As i said i believe were right in the middle were you'll see both good and bad fish caught. Could also be the calm before the storm if you will, With the weather we've been having We could get a whole new harbor full of beautiful Silvers.
What are you catching the big bass on?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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