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Which section of the Fox?

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My brother and I would like to rent a canoe and float/fish the Fox river the first week of July.
Given the rental places, the choices are:

A. Algonquin to Elgin
B. Elgin to St Charles

Which section has better fishing opportunities?
Which section is more scenic?
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Or you take a cruise down to Wedron to Ayers landing canoe and camp for a night. I would suggest the 6 mile if you plan on fishing.
I would actually call it a toss up between the two choices you listed. Both go through some "urban" stretches and both go through some "wild" stretches. Both stretches have a similar make up as far as populations of fish and species of fish. Off the top of my head, I would say that Algonquin to Elgin would be quite a bit longer If that matters to you.
I seem to have better luck the further South I go for whatever that is worth.
Go to Freeman's in Yorkville or Ayers Landing down by Sheridan.
The six mile trip out of Ayers Landing is the one that makes it all worth it.

Take your time and fish alot. Just be careful with that stretch, some much deeper water.

Don't bother doing any of it till the water levels get below 1200 cubic feet per second. You'll be moving too fast.

From what I know of the the Fox Valley, there are no poisonous snakes around here.

If the two you mentioned are your only choices, do Elgin to St. Charles. You'll have to portage around the South Elgin Dam, but from there down is some good looking stuff.
Thank you all for the great input.
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