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So I get out there and managed only a few fish. Only went like 60 for 70. Most were gills, rockbass and pumkins but man it was crazy. Managed to pull up a few bass. Nothing worth bragging about but boy what action.

Got out there by 7:30. Cast after cast after on. I took some pics but after the 5th fish I quit takin pics. This was before I found the actual discharge. But when I found it I couldn't believe my eyes. 1000's of fish were all stacked up at the discharge. Clear as gin. It was unreal. Saw carp, a few whiskers and some sort of cod/goldfish.

The problem was there were too many fish! I never thought I'd ever say those words but it really was the case. I couldn't get to the bigger fish cause every time I cast for the bigger ones, 10 of these little bastards would swarm around the crawler and get hooked. After about 50 fish, I got tired of catching panfish so I experimented a little tieing on differnt lures to see the different reactions since the water was so clear. The best reaction was from my trusty ol pink plastic worm. 11am...went to take care of some business then headed home for lunch.

After that, headed to the "The Salmon Shop" and picked up some minnows. Jim, the operator was a really sweet guy. I'm back at the discharge by 2. Called Sean and told him of the action and he showed up with clams (his little experiment).

So the minnows deterred the little bastards. Somewhat anyways, they were still pickin at it. Felt a little sorry for the minnows cause it was like throwing a sheep into the lions den. Anyways, caught a few 10-12" bass and packed it in at 4 and called it a victorious day. And it's only gonna get better and better as it gets colder. I got my hole for the winter. Thanks Jason for your reports. I'm going to try to break your 70 bass record! haha

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Nice job, Augy! I've spent a lot of time at that discharge in the winter months. The key to the bass is to fish where the discharge meets the creek. But you've read my reports from that time so thery say it all.

And if you break my record 70 bass... I'll kick your @@[email protected]@@[email protected][email protected][email protected]!

Sorry. :lol:
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