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got out there at around 5:40 and fished till 9:00, used crawlers and leeches for bait. Our rig was split shpts of the bottom. On the first cast before it even hit bottom i got a craphead (drum) :lol: , right after that i got another one.later after that school of fish stopped, smallies started. my grandpa kept getting a bite, (he was asleep :lol: ) we said "you got a bite" and he said " it's bottom!!!!". he lifted his pole up and caught his dinner :lol: , 15" smallie. then i got a hit and pulled up a SMALL SMALLIE, 6 inches.

As the day went on we caught noumoures more crapheads :lol: , and then.................... I thought i got weeds on my line then i saw a 16 inch smallie jump up. it put up a five minute fight. he weighed 4lb. he's gonna be in my stomach tonight :lol: :lol: :lol: !!!!

P.S....p.o.p.#2 posted another post of this day...check it out :wink:
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