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Winter/Cold Water Fishing

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Looking for suggestions/input on what works and when etc... Been having limited success with Rattle Traps and suspending minnows in the small FP pond I fish. Not sure how to adjust tactics for this time of year. Especially with soft baits...Senkos, Grubs etc...
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This time of year can be good one day and tough the next. Sometimes you might have more success if you use the same baits that worked earlier in the year, but go bigger or smaller to see what the fish want.
I dont know lol! Went out this morning, got pummeled by the wind 20mph+ without a nibble got agrievated and came home. Might go out later considering that I am a glutton for punishment.

I cant say that I have good luck at ponds this time of the year. I usually do good on the river with jig and minnows in the fall, but not today.

BTW: The fox is the highest I have seen it in awhile.
this time of year i usually throw hand grenades! :mrgreen:

seriously, i'd bet xraps or suspending type baits would be better. either that or good old fashion live bait.
When all else fails, try live bait.
suspending jerkbaits,spinnerbaits,senkos,grubs fished slow.
I haven't had much luck at all in the recent really cold-weather (past week and a half?)

Some guys I fish with have had much more luck than me using:

-3/16 oz finesse jig w/ a creature trailer (like those Strike King bitsy flip jigs you see for a buck at dicks, w/ the bottom half of a smallie beaver or baby brush hog) -- usually fish near fallen trees w/ a slow dragging or shaking retrieve

-texas-rigged creature baits (Zoom baby brush hogs, tubes, Zoom super hogs, etc...)

Just gotta remember to fish really slow, and that the bite may be really subtle...

I mentioned in a different post, we conducted a fish-survey at a local lake (down here in Urbana-Champaign) using a boat with those metal rods that shock the water and the fish float up and are measured. All of the fish were netted within 10 feet from shore, all next to fallen trees or by the drop offs right next to the tip of the fallen trees. So, I'm guessin that those visible cover would be a good place to start.

Good luck!
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I'll agree with the live bait. Lots of people like to use the word "feedbag" in the Fall, and it is true. Most species will be very fat this time of year because they are stocking up for winter. This time of year also finds the prey more abudant too. I think the abundance of forage combined with shorter feeding windows makes it hard. Wednesday I was on a school of smallies so thick they had to be laying on top of each other. I could not get 1 freakin fish to bite. The week before they were crushing the bait. Next week if they are in the same spot who knows. Probably the most important thing in the Fall is finding the fish first and foremost, and then just hoping that you encounter an active feeding window. Feast or famine!!!
I usually Trigger Aggresive Strikes from Lathargic Fish This time of year, Although They are Not at all Hard to Catch but Harder to Find. As were still in the Fall Turnover fish Will be Scattered throughout the Whole Depth Range, From Shallow To Deep.. To Suspended. Find The forage Find the Fish..

Match the Forage.. Catch the Fish...

It's Simple... If Your on a School of Shad That the Bass are Feeding on.. Tie on somehting that Resembles The Shad in your body of water. I usually Snagg a shad or Two Purposly Get the Size... then toss the shad Were The fish were Feeding. then once you throw your imitation shad in It's Pretty much a Fish on.

As Long as you Have Some Knowladge Of Fish behavior... And know Habitat.

Fishing Becomes too Easy....

For a Pond...

Start SMALL And Work slow then Move up...

If you have patience.. You'll Succeed...


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