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Winter finally made here to North Carolina. The whole state is in a panic because it might snow 2 inches tonight. Ha bunch of pansies. It is a bit cold though for down here. I don't think it got out of the 30s today,
Launched my Hobie at 8 and fished till 2. I bundled up pretty good and just my feet eere a tad cold. Wind was borderline pain in the ass. Just enough to make me work to stay on my drift.

For 6 hours of work I boated 4 blues. All dinks and after the second one I forgot to shut off my camera so the battery went dead. No matter the other 2 were about the same size.

Thursday I went with a friend. He is mid 70s ,really bad shape and can’t go unless I am with him because he needs help with his yak. Once we get him in the yak he is fine. Wouldn’t you know it the old guy catches a 35 and a 40 lb blue and I get skunked. Oh well, good for him.

Here’s some fish gents.
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