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With new Goals, And A Dedication beyond what i've ever had. Perch Guy is Coming back in 2007 Bigger then ever, And so is my Good Friend monkey Breath. With all That i've learned this year, And Finally Done with a Special preperation Attractant mix For Multi-species fish Perch guy Will Prove to be a Big Big Sportsman come 2007 Breaking 80 % of All his Personal Records.

Be sure to Check out all the Reports...

As that will be a new record also.. With 3 X more Reports..

and 2x Better Quality Fish.

Also with better Story line and More Video.

He's coming back guys...

If you thought he was decent before..

You'll have an entirely new outlook.

This is an old slide Show.. I've been making the new one for about 2 weeks.. Will be up shortly ... 02-22.html

Keep up the Great Site jim !!

See all You guys in 2007

Happy Holidays

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