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After having spent the last 24 hours listening to the rain and having no power, internet, TV or telephone. I was itching to get back outside and do something/anything.

I went to Axehead.

When I got there the lake was so high from the rains that the stonework on the shore that they just put in this season was completely obscured by water. I tried the water run off area near the parking lot first. There were huge carp swimming in the submerged weeds close to shore. I casted a few out and decided I really didn't want one of those guys on my line anyway , so i moved around to the north side of the lake.

I remember a post from a couple of weeks ago that someone mentioned nailing them near the pipes, so I decided to give it a go over there. The water is up almost even with the concrete and you can't even see the pipes after the storms. I was using my patented Latte senko(white senko left in the same bag as pumpkin senko) and the bite was on. I had about six Axehead specials (10-12" LMB's) on the line and landed three. All in the span of the hour I was over there.

The fish were jumping. I saw what seems to be a 3 ft goldfish swim in close to shore. I swear that must be the huge school bus that I see breaking water in the middle of the lake on summer evenings.

Wow what a great day at a lake that is usually good for one bass on a good night.

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