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Wow, things have come a long way!!!

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I was doing some research on last years tournies to try to clue in on how the overall fishing was every month and also to try to look for a clue as to patterns, locations, lures, ect. While I was wading through the hundreds of interesting posts I was amazed at how far these little outing have come.
There was a point in time (not to long ago) where things were really up in the air.

For example:

We had no idea how to keep the fish. Remember the fish basket arguements? :p

We had no idea how and when to do the weighins. Finally the mid-morning weighin idea was born and it has worked out great. For awhile the "honor system" was even brought into the discussion. After fishing 5 of the Deep tournies, the system that was settled on is just awesome.

We did not know if partners should fish together or seperately. We decided on seperately and to this day I have never heard anyone complain about their partner and not get along in the boat. The spirit of friendly competition is truly at work here.

We did not no what the hours of the tourney should be? After switching around the times a bunch last year we now work the hours to our favor and get on the water to take advantage of the early morning bite on Deep Lake.

Besides the WWD and Deep, we had nowhere else to fish. The next tourney will be a milestone event on a completely new body of water. I'm sure we will have some new details to iron out. but we are finally diversifying!!!!

Personally, I just wanted to give a big thanks to the original organizers of these events. Who could of imagined all the fun and great friendships that have spawned from these outings. My favorite memory was watching Jason come from behind on the very first tourney I fished at Deep. Its also been fun watching Yami Master learn the lake and becoming motivated to master it. Your day will come bro!!! Anyways, just wanted to give a BIG thanks to the pioneers of it all and say how much fun I have had (and not just because I won the last 2 :p ) I'm looking forward to many more, with faces old and new.

Some of the great Deep Lake fishing from '07

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It is indeed evolving into a great thing. Thanks for putting it all into perspective Matt.
I second that
Great post Matt.

To think of all the friendships that evolved, good times, and great fishing we've all enjoyed, it seems like we've all been friends forever.

There really has been a unique dynamic here at WCF with everyone. I can't even begin to explain how awesome that makes me feel. Never did I think this would become such a close-knit community with SO many great people sharing fishing experiences that I have enjoyed all my life.
I'm proud to have been part of a lot of the beginning tournies here on WCF. I haven't been at a lot this year but can't wait until the next one!
Great post Matt !
It sure has been a blast :D
Now that I really look at all those pics I realize two things. Tony's fish is not from Deep Lake. I don't know where that pic came from. Also last year I was in one FAT bastard, judging from the side profile shot in one of Aris's pics. Glad I dropped some lbs, I did not realize how big I was, although the wife often reminded me :p
Glad u guy's didn't hget a side shot of me :shock:
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