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got to the we'd around 445 and stayed till dark. Many things happened while I was there. First off this lady was there with her son and she was using gatorade bottles with 40 # test with a hook on end of line fishing with CARROTS. LOL. Anyways she got 1 sucker and kept it. Nasty but hey if it feeds a family I guess that is just it. She took up all the railings by the discharge and I had no where to fish but I made room!! I got 3 suckers and 4 bass. The largest being Bout 16 inches. When everyone left all the carp cane out in large schools and so did the eyes. I used crawlers and roaches. I threw some large roaches just on a large hook under the bars and had 4 hits but they literally took off like a race horse so I ran out of Line on my 1 reel. I'm guessing it was a very large carp. All inall good day out there. Lots of bass by the 1 tree on left side of discharge.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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