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WWD - salt creek nov. 4

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I have had some time this week to get out and go fishing reluctantly to keep my sanity in tact. The only reason I prefer the WWD over any other place at busse is because its so serene and beautiful. Walking on the pathway past the bridge and looking right to the open field is amazing. Anyways I bought some minnows to try and hook some bass but I fell short again. Nothing worth writing about but I did see a really big northern going after a few little guys towards the mouth of creek and wwd. Had to be atleast 27+ inches! The bigger bass (12+ inches) went after my minnows but the pesky little ones ripped it up before the others could.

On a side note, its supposed to be as beautiful out tommorow and I was going to rent a boat. I wanna try for some walleye or crappie. Any suggestions... spots? any help is much appreciated!

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Thanks for the report Matt. Been getting some reports from the local bait shop ( Lee's ) that they are catching eyes by the main dam right before sunset on roaches with a fixed float.
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