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WWD Saturday, anyone?

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Plan on heading out before my minnows die this Saturday. Anyone else going?
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I would like to, but I have to work this Saturday. The forcast doesn't look the greatest, but atleast the water will be warm.
The forecast is calling for the POSSIBILITY of a major winter storm Friday. At least that's what Andy Avalos was saying Monday night. Regardless, that place can be fished in any weather so I might try to make it out. We'll see as the weekend gets closer.
You guys aren't going to let a little snow stop you from fishing are you?
it's pretty with snow over there!! no crowds!!

Last december...Jay with a nice bass for the wwd.

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Look at the steam rising off that water in that picture. :shock:
dude thats a nice picture. i'll be at the wwd all winter.
Last winter I fished there into January. This year I want to try the Northshore Channel of the Chicago River too.
Sweet a winter spot Kick but J
Nothing a little Jack wont cure.....LOL
MrB said:
He looks cold as hell LOL!
na...that's his usual skin tone he has all year! :D :lol: :wink: :eek:
Looks to me like he has a gun in his right hand and just shot the fish :D
BassCaster said:
Looks to me like he has a gun in his right hand and just shot the fish :D
Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!
That's right pardners. This boy don't mess around. I took my gun and just shot the damned fish! 8)
I havea lot of things to do this Saturday but really want to go to the wwd since I have never fished it. How early can I get into the parking lot?

opens sunrise islander. but you'll need to get minnows the night before if you want to go that early. lee's doesn't open until 9am. his winter hours are in effect. 9-5.
ok, so who's in? i think i'll head over there regardless of weather. i'm thinking 9ish again. meet at lee's?
I am for sure in. I have to leave early to run errands so I am going to show up at sunrise. I'll be wearing a black Carhart and a navy blue bears hat. It is my first time fishing there so wish me luck!

I will be there also. Not sure if i can make it back from the city by 9am, but i will be there.
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