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Headed over the WWD today with my cousin jaybomber,his friend and his father. Caught a lot of panfish and i saw some bass in the water but they weren't biting. I wish we could have caught some bass and crappie.Jay's friend with his first fish ever caught in his life. Fun day Here's some pics

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hahhaha he was pretty excited about that bluegill i was trying to hook him up with some eyes at the pool down stream today but they werent biting so infamouz headed over to check the wwd called said there were fish so i figured better then the skunk........ he ended up with his first fish ever not much of a fish but it is a fish lol ......looked like maybe 1 1/2lb - 2lb bass wouldnt bite the minnows crawlers or senkos followed it but wasnt biting....... but it was a nice cold day to be out there snow started falling it was pretty nice....
Good to hear some bass were back there :)
Glad to hear that some fish are back at the WWD. :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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