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Thanks For the Reply's guys, As always there Very much Appreciated!

JP- just hit me up, you know I'm out just as much in the winter as i am in the Summer :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Your buddy Nick Castle did a phenomenal job Editing and Arranging your video. what type of software was he using? Great job, and great video.

2009 Will Be MY BEST Year of Fishing, I will be out more then I ever have. I'll Be aggressively Harassing The older anglers for more knowledge DARTH,CULPRIT, AND FishinMATT As well as many others. In Early 2008 i came to a conclusion that i was a pretty good angler... not much more to be learned. But I also got out of my competitive side and just wanted to teach new anglers.. Well coming 2009 Whole heartily I'm BACK! I'm more competitive then I've ever been, Want to learn more then i ever have and want to fish more then I have in previous years. And i think for those who follow my post You will be entertained. My Videos are coming up.. And i won't stop aggressively pursuing my goals until they are accomplished. That multi-species enthusiast is back! And i can't wait to start throwing up my Pics,vids, Articles And much more. As far as many of you guys hoping i attend deep, I really do think i'll make most of the season this year. I'm Not anywhere as good as I'd like to be at my obsession, And I'm Most confident after this next year has past I can look back and say...

Man Have i grown... And My Knowledge and feel for the sport has grown with me. :D :D

Fishing Has always been My "LIFE" And I'm sure you older board members Have seen that. But in 2009 you'll see some great things from this side of the city :D

Till then...

Tight Lines!!! Whether on hard or open water :D :D

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Nice Vid George and HFF... You guys have a lot to look fowartd to in 2009. As I as well look foward to your successful outings as well/ Thanks for the heads up and input guys...

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