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Your Best Day

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Alright, the board has been silent for a few days now, so I thought I would attempt to get things going. I don't ice fish, so I have not had a fishing report to add in quite some time. So my question is this. What was your best day of 2005? I have quite a few good memories, but I will add this one.

My girlfriend and I were fishing on Eagle Lake in Canada in June. Part of the lake is closed off as a fish sanctuary early in the season for spawning protection. Well, it was the 2nd day of the sanctuaries being opened and we decided to try some new water away from the crowds. I picked a shoreline that was basically a point, which ended in a saddle. There was a nice mix of gravel and chunk rock on the bottom, and it was adjacent to deep water. It all looked good to me, but doesn't everything look good in Canada :D Anyways, we are backtrolling spinners with minnows and the first pass nets me a nice walleye. Almost every pass from there on out nets a nice eye or big pike. We decide that we will go find another spot after we hit 20 walleye. Walleye #20 comes quickly and the girlfriend decides she needs to take a bathroom break. Being the gentleman that I am, I nose the boat up againest a large shoreline boulder and toss her the TP. While she is doing her thing I get out and zing a cast with the Johnson Silver Minnow toward a reed bed. With about 6 inches of line out a 4 lb+ smallie comes off the boulder and hammers it. At this point it is already a great day so I decide to find some more new water. I am looking on the map and find a small bay close by called "No Fish Bay." No fish, eh? What the heck, we'll try it. We got in the bay and right off the bat I get another nice 30''+ pike in the boat. The bay ends up giving up tons of nice walleye up to 24'' and some nice jumbo perch. A thunderstorm starts moving in and my girlfriend starts getting worried and wants to go in. This is the last day of the trip and I wanted to end it on a fish. After missing a couple I land a little snake and she is ready to head in. I insist on making one more pass through the back corner of the bay and hook into another big pike, which we videotaped and ended the trip on. It was one memorable day, and a great way to end the trip :p
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Bueller, Bueller, Bueller...........anyone?
Every day we fished this year was great, but i must say the 1 in my avatar was my best of the year :wink:
sorry i didn't post sooner but my best day last year was when i hooked the monster bass in my avatar at the lagoons. looking to break 7lbs this year.
Augy, what did you catch that hog on?
My trusty ole green pumpkin 5" senkos. never fish without em. man, can't wait til spring.
Nice :D Gotta love those Senkos :p
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